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Importance of independent energy system


1. Solar

2. Wind

3. Hydro

4. Bike

5. Gravity

6. Generator


Most important is where you storage your energy. My recommendation is NI-CD batteries. Can last more then 30 years

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Thank you for your wonderful overview! Personally, I try to do as much as possible by hand. So I hope to be as energy independent as possible. But surely, there is always some rest to be maintained (e.g. the computer). Here comes your overview quite handy. So thank you very much!
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Major problem with independent energy system is battery. For now I have 720Ah, soon will have 960Ah. But first thing what is necessary to understand is how much of that energy is useful. Max 15%. If is necessary I can explaine

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720 Ah 12v

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I have for years been working on solutions using COMPRESSED AIR as a storage medium and all sorts of devices that convert natural kinetic energies into compressed air as well as devices for converting it into on-demand or battery stored electric energy. Reply to this message to indicate interest and I shall elaborate.


This is my very first attempt at  interaction in this medium, testing the "living waters" before investing too much time and effort, but I will include an image as a clue to where and when this energy paradigm has been successful in our own history.


Edit: Hopefully this link to a video I posted on bitchute will work for a more elaborate introduction: https://www.bitchute.com/video/zag0tLaN9iZi/

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